Lead Work

Lead work for domestic and commercial projects in Central Scotland

Nowadays most people tend to call a roofing company if they need help with the lead work on a roofing project. However until recently, this type of work was always carried out by plumbers because it is in effect another drainage system, i.e. draining water off roofs in the most efficient manner in order to avoid puddles and leaks. Whereas roofers will generally cut the lead to shape, RMS plumbers use hand tools that enable us to mould the lead into shape - resulting in a better longer lasting result.

RMS Plumbing and Heating are qualified to carry out all types of Lead work. With over 20 years combined experience RMS Plumbing and Heating are qualified and experienced in all types of lead work for both domestic and commercial projects including:

  • Lead flashings
  • Lead Dressing
  • Fitting Lead Valleys
  • Lead roofs

For all you lead work needs give RMS Plumbing and Heating a call on 01324 878 583.

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